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It's Time To Let Pan Am Come Home (2)

Button from 1979 with the label "It's time to let Pan Am come home". Diameter: 3 inch.

Nonstop Berlin - New York

Button with a slogan in German language. The translation of the slogan says: "Strong like a bear. With Pan Am. Starting from May, 30, Nonstop Berlin - New York". (The bear is the heraldic animal of Berlin). Diameter 2,2 inch.

Oklahoma to the world ...

Pinback button with the label "Oklahoma to the world - Pan Am". Diameter 3 inch.

Orient Ecsapade

Button with the label "Orient Escapade" and the stylized logos of Pan Am and National Airlines. Diameter: 2,2 inch.

Pan Am

Button with a small Pan Am logo and notes. Diameter: 2,2 inch.

Pan Am 2 for 1

Button from 1981 which was promoting Pan Am's two-for-one discount fares on certain overseas flights, between Sept. 14 and Oct. 24, 1981. Diameter 2,2 inch.

Pan Am 747 - 1.000.000

Button from the early 1970s on the occasion of one million miles flown by Pan Am's 747 fleet. Diameter 2,2 inch.

Pan Am logo

Button with the Pan Am logo. Diameter 2,2 inch.

Pan Am says Hello to Phoenix

Button with the label "Pan Am says Hello to Phoenix". Diameter 2,2 inch.

Pan Am Ski Lifter

This button was promoting Pan Am's ski destinations. Diameter: 2,2 inch.