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Booklet: Pan Am Facts

Booklet with 30 numbered pages. It contains information about corporate data, fleet, aircraft specifications, cities served, history, chronology of leadership, Pan Am first's and board of directors. Printed in July 1984.

Booklet: Pan Am's Flying Clippers

Booklet with information and B/W photos of Pan Am's Clippers between 1927 and 1968. 23 numbered pages. Issued in 1968.

Booklet: The First 50 Years Of Pan Am

Booklet about the story of Pan Am from 1927 to 1977 with several B/W photos. 28 numbered pages. Printed in 1977.

Broschure: Boeing 747SP

Pan Am brochure announcing addition of 747SP to fleet, and inception of non-stop service JFK-TOKYO and LAX-TOKYO. Folded size 4'' x 11". Open size 12" x 11". Six panels with several photos of aircraft interior.

Brochure: Pan Am's Boeing 747 Jetliner

Brochure about Pan Am's Boeing 747. It contains technical data, seat configuration and further information about the Boeing 747.

Broschure: Pan Am's Helicopter Service

Brochure about Pan Am's Helicopter Service.

Broschure: Pan Am's Miami

Brochure about Pan Am's area and gateway at Miami International Airport. It contains a Pan Am route map. Twelve panels with several photos. Printed in USA 1/83.

Broschure: Pan Am's Worldport made easy

Brochure about Pan Am's Worldport. It contains a illustration that indicates the location of the facilities in the Worldport. Eight panels with several photos. Printed in USA 1/82.

Annual Report 1966

Pan Am's annual report of 1966 (23 numbered pages).

Annual Report 1981

Pan Am's annual report of 1981 (44 numbered pages).